NEW... Australian Criterion Scale rev6.0

The latest revision (6.0) of The Australian Criterion Scale, and 'Student Friendly' Criterion Scale have been finalised for release.
The revised Criterion Scale includes updates to Levels F-5, plus newly introduced Levels 6 & 7 covering through to End Year10. The similarly updated Student Friendly Scale now incorporates a pictorial referenced Foundation Scale.
Updates to the Criterion Scales and Cold Write Packs are available to 'Purchase Here'

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Think Quick... New literacy app available

There's a great new literacy app avaliable for Apple and Android devices worth taking a looking at.

"Think Quick' is a rapid response litearcy game designed to encourage the practise of: Parts of Speech, Word Families, Grammar, and General Knowledge.

Click here for Apple   or   Click here for Android


Penny has arrived... (new resources)

3 brand new resources have arrived to add to your classroom kit:

Our lovable little Penny has come to life in this 15cm tall hand-painted figurine. Donning her special green gi in a ready stance for your next 'Kung-Fu Punctuation' session.
(This makes a great class mascot or perhaps as a prize for your class's weekly 'Punctuation Master' to have on their table during your next Big Write session.)

Once again is our Penny, depicted on this 1m x 6cm vibrant green satin headband... ready for her next 'Kung-Fu Punctuation' session. And with 'Punctuation Master' printed in both lettering and characters on the front, this is an essential resource for any of your budding Kung-Fu Punctuation Masters.

Also now available, is our 12cm Mini Bean Bag sets. This 4 piece poly filled canvas bean bag set comes in the 4 vibrant VCOP colours. They're an easy tactile aid for your kinaesthetic and early learners, and great for a multitude of literacy games and activities too.

Check them out at www.andrelleducation.com.au/resources

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Revised Criterion and Student Friendly Scales

The Australian Criterion and Student Friendly scales have been updated to rev6.0
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NEW 2018 Dates for Term 1 Open Sessions

Check the calendar for details- more will be released so send in your requests before we fill up dates.


New Literacy App.

'Think Quick' is a rapid response liiteracy game designed to encourage the practise of: Parts of Speech, Word Families, Grammar, and General Knowledge.
Available for Apple or Android.  

Thick Quick and Uplevel It - Now Available as card games!


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