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Cold Write Assessment Pack 5.0

Updated on 23 August 2017

  • Price: $88.oo (inc GST)

This document contains a detailed outline of the Cold Write test conditions for the 5 assessment pieces required throughout the year, including the varied conditions required when running the test for students on the Foundation Level.These assessments will help schools monitor and track the students’ progress whilst using the Big Write and VCOP writing program. 


  • Moderating sheets
  • The evidence based Criterion Scale - complete with 5 marking areas, assessment scale and notes section.
  • Plus enough stimuli to cover a 7 year rotation in Primary Schools, a 5 year rotation in Junior High, and a 3 year rotation in Senior High.

This pack is a complete package for the Pre-writer all the way through to Year 12's

N.b. This PDF document contains 65 pages in a single-sided A3 format.

A$80 Click here to orderCold Write Assessment Pack 5.0

Australian Criterion Scale 6.0

Updated on 21 January 2018

  • Price: $4.95 (inc GST)

This 13 page document covers the assessment criteria for Leves F - 7, a brief overview on How to Assess, and a cross reference chart to the Australian Curriculum v8.1 codes and the Victorian Curriculum F-10 codes.

A$4.50 Click here to orderAustralian Criterion Scale 6.0

Student Friendly Criterion Scale 6.0

Updated on 21 January 2018

  • Price: $4.95 (inc GST)


A$4.50 Click here to orderStudent Friendly Criterion Scale 6.0

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